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Billing their music as “non-fruity” ska, this kinetic troupe play with NOFX’s virtue and Rancid’s bite, making Brunt of It’s 14-track offering a punk rocker’s wonderland. Heavy guitars, bouncy rhythms, gang choruses galore, and catchy hooks are what come out of this ska/punk/hardcore juggernaut that have as much in common with Reel Big Fish and Sublime as they do Pennywise and Lagwagon. Songs like “All That Money” combine a driving beat, skanking guitar riffs, and an anthemic chorus that all your friends can join in on, while the fast-paced drums on “Lithium Overdose” leads the charge through a jazzy interlude that swings back hard towards the end of the track. With a discernible nod to old school punk rock and a penchant for whipping up punk rock singalongs like “Those Were the Days” and the politically-slanted “Daddy’s Little Boy”, CERTAIN UNCERTAINTY is a fine companion for a drunken night on the town or a raucous house party on the verge of total mania.
- Mike SOS