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Buckcherry was one of those bands whose timing was less than stellar, as their brand of liquor-swigging, arena shaking rock was introduced a little before the most recent hard rock explosion was underway. Reconvening after vocalist Josh Todd’s solo efforts, the band’s latest disc, the first in four years, takes the decadent rock sound championed by Guns ‘N Roses, The Black Crowes, and pre-corporate Aerosmith and modernizes it for today’s rock fan. While the AC/DC guitar groove and Stones-y swagger of tracks like “So Far” and the profanely worded “Crazy Bitch” attempt to jumpstart the heavy blues-rock revival, it’s songs like the slide guitar infused “Brooklyn” and the shameless power ballad “Sorry” that sticks in your craw long after the drugs and booze have exited your system. Buckcherry is back, hopefully this time with an audience that’s ready for their deliberate rock ‘n roll excesses and shimmy on full blast.
- Mike SOS