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Already rock darlings in the UK, the Welsh bred Bullet for My Valentine aim to make waves in the US with its debut full length release THE POISON. The 13-track endeavor is laden with twin guitar wailings that share as much in common with Iron Maiden as they do Trivium, and also boast some of the finest dynamic verse-chorus shifts in today’s metal realm. Just check out the contagious “Suffocating Under Words of Sorrow” as proof on just how well this quartet mixes clean vocals with death growls, all while an incessant double bass drumming clinic goes on underneath. While the band loses steam with ballads perfect for 15 year old girls like “All These Things I Hate”, the utter despondence unleashed in tracks like “Her Voice Resides” coupled with the melodic metal meandering found on “Hit the Floor” and “Spit You Out” will appease every nu-metal My Space subscriber in spades.
- Mike SOS