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Burbank, CA crew Bleeding Kansas’s second release the kind of challenging hardcore music that usually emanates from the East Coast, usually under the tutelage of Kurt Ballou, who (surprise!) again produces this act’s 14-track ode to unparalleled aggression. From the opening strains of “Retract the Altitude” to the slow-churned grit of the appropriately titled “Drowning in a Sea of Shit”, this unit showcases an expansive sound that transcends standard hardcore fare and aims for both the head and the gut on such cuts as the spastically-composed “Right By Your Side” and the downtrodden “Feel the Sting From the First Bite” (complete with props to the band Kansas included). Abrasive and caustic, DEAD BEFORE DÉCOR’s grimy misgivings and tumultuous tirades puts post-hardcore, noise-metal, and crusty punk in the crockpot for a stew that the most adventurous of extreme music will wholeheartedly enjoy.
- Mike SOS