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Consistency be damned in the world of Illinois metalcore titans Dead to Fall, whose third installment for Victory Records finds only singer Jon Hunt surviving from the previous VILLIANY AND VIRTUE disc. While the quintet’s sound has arguably changed for the better (thanks mainly to the durable guitar work by both former Nehemiah axemen), the band is still essentially a metalcore outfit, only with a way broader scope than other categorically lumped bands such as labelmates Atreyu and Bleeding Through. Drawing the bulk of its power from a dastardly bastardization of American and Swedish metal, tracks like the pulsating “All My Heroes Have Failed Me” and the ominous creep of “Corpse Collector” showcases two entirely different hues of heavy, both of which surprisingly work well with each other. Way more progressive than past efforts yet retaining its primal grit and gutwrenching nastiness, Dead to Fall has been reborn and THE PHOENIX THRONE marks a fine comeback for this metalcore unit.
- Mike SOS