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From a casual listen, DEFY DEFINE DEFINITION sounds like the handiwork of one of Daryl Palumbo’s (Glassjaw/ Head Automatica) projects, yet instead the serious emotional strains come from DKLIMB, a Florida quintet who model their sound very closely after the aforementioned. Luckily for these gentlemen, they display not only the unadulterated passion of one of Long Island’s finest, but also a similarly strong sense of stellar musicianship, closer in the vein of Incubus goes screamo, as songs like the ultra-hooky and ever so slightly emo warble of “What I Want Vs. What I Need” and the soulful gutwrench of “Said and Done” indicate this band’s songwriting prowess and enthusiastic delivery. While songs like “Charlton Heston Ain’t Got Guns Like These” may consist of too much girl jean wearing chord progressions for the laymen rock fan, cuts like “The Montauk Project” redeem this band’s firm grasp of creating poignantly powerful and punchy post-punk.
- Mike SOS