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Talk about a band whose diverse musical output completely matches the tumultuous events of their career and Baltimoreís Dog Fashion Disco definitely comes to mind. Carelessly (though not inaccurately) contrasted to Faith No More throughout the bandís run and seemingly at odds with everyone from tourmates to record labels, the odds have always been stacked against them. Yet, the venerable clan continues to not only persevere, but also provocatively thrive in the process. ADULTERY is the actís latest offering of what the band calls ďmovie metalĒ, which makes perfect sense, as this 13-track release is a concept album about an everyday manís sudden spiral and ultimate descent into a life laden in broken hope and carnal decadence. Hopping genres as routinely as track stars clear hurdles, the band jumps from alternative metal to avant garde jazz to rootsy Johnny Cash-esque balladry to full-on brutality on the drop of a dime while implementing a plethora of wind and brass instruments usually not associated with metal gives ADULTERY a truly cinematic flare. Adventurous and ambitious, if you dig Dredg, System of a Down, any Mike Patton project, or metal music whose boundaries are endless and continuously pushes the envelope, this CD is an absolute must have.
- Mike SOS