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Two men should be outlawed for making this kind of noise, yet Black Cobra’s excruciatingly excessive allegiance to all that is heavy and raw comes up for air through the viscous murk just long enough to pulverize your senses silly with BESTIAL. Featuring ex-members of Cavity and 16, this dastardly duo know a thing or two about unmercifully beating your unsuspecting ass down for the count with ferocious levels of feedback and dangerous slabs of stoner rock devoid of acid-fueled sunshine, replaced with cavernous guitar riffs and thunderous skin bashing. Tracks like “El Doce De Octubre” and “The Cry of Melora” best exemplify this tandem’s tenacious tumultuousness, further sending your senses spiraling into the abyss. If you like it addictively raw and unapologetically sludgy, BESTIAL’s supersonic wall of sound will unequivocally quench those desires.
- Mike SOS