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Unleashing 16 tracks of putrid crust metal, Cretin’s latest offering harkens back to the days of gore-infested grind and death metal a la Accused and Napalm Death. Implementing song titles such as “Walking a Midget” and “Uni-Tit”, you can imagine that this California trio, whose pedigree includes stints with Exhumed and Citizen, spent a fair amount of their adolescence at the carnival or deep inside a RIPLEY’S BELIEVE IT OR NOT comic, while tracks like “Dirt Eater” and “Creepy Crawlies” pulverize your cranium with lo-fi, almost hardcore punk-sounding barrages of aggression. Blasting through these tracks with blinding speed, bitter sarcasm, and an intense sense of disgust, get your grindcore freak on with FREAKERY.
- Mike SOS