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Revered instrumental rock outfit Don Caballero return after a lineup shift with a set of mind-bogglingly expansive tunes which run the gamut on WORLD CLASS LISTENING PROBLEM. After a near five-year hiatus, this Pittsburgh, PA quartet (up from a trio) has put forth 10 tracks of challenging music for the ambitious music fan to stake claim to. Armed with a not so subtle jazz rock pretense on the bass and guitar which tends to lapse into alternative, metal, and space rock and a drummer that absolutely needs to be heard to be understood how amazing he plays, this veteran band’s most recent endeavor may provide the band the widespread accolades the underground has rightfully bestowed upon them. Just check out the spastically arranged “And And And, He Lowered the Twin Down” with its technical percussion, hypnotic bass lines, and frenetic guitar work, to see not only how effortless these guys make it sound, but how the progenitors of the instrumental underground can still get down.
- Mike SOS