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Dead by Wednesday starts its 12-track sojourn with a clunky spoken word slam, but the pace brutally picks up as the title cut comes crashing through your speakers. Hailing from New England and featuring ex-members of regional staple Gargantua Soul, this outfit plays the kind of seething politically outraged metal that you’d expect from System of a Down with a hip-hop edge not unlike Rage Against the Machine or Nonpoint. While some of the material on DEMOCRACY IS DEAD can be deemed a tad too much on the Limp Bizkit tip, there are some killer riffs like “Resist” that would find themselves right at home in the metalcore universe, as well as solid vocals that exhibit not only a feral exuberance a la Slipknot but also illustrates some of the best dub singing this side of Stuck Mojo or Skindred. Ferocious tracks like “Refuse to Suffer” hit the Lamb of God nerve pretty hard, while the act’s take on the classic SOD metal anthem “Kill Yourself” is heartfelt and hellacious to boot. Dead by Wednesday juxtapose different genres while never losing its savage end, a feat that is most admirable about this uniquely engaging act whose version of protest metal makes quite the lasting impression.
- Mike SOS