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German metalcore giants Caliban return with their latest endeavor with the assistance of some heavy hitters in the scene. Produced by Anders Friden of In Flames, mixed and mastered by metal guru Andy Sneap and featuring artwork by Mike D. of Killswitch Engage, THE UNDYING DARKNESS seems to be the album that this juggernaut finally gets the props from the scene they richly deserve. And with pummeling cuts like “Song About Killing” and the melodically-edged metalcore of “Nothing is Forever” leading the charge, thankfully the music Caliban puts forth here speaks immeasurably louder than the A-List friends the band enlisted for this release. If you’re unfamiliar with these pioneers of punishment, or if you’d like to obtain a companion disc to your Shadows Fall and As I Lay Dying discs, this 12-track encounter dually fits the bill.
- Mike SOS