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After an 11-year hiatus due in part to items such as “occult practice and Satanic crimes” amongst other dastardly acts, Dissection returns with a new album titled REINKAOS. This 11-track offering took 11 months to record (notice a pattern here?) and contains oodles of carefully prepared Swedish metal nuances that most diehard fans and brand new ears alike should clamor for. Even though only mainman Jon Nodtveldt remains from the original lineup and the band has infused a distinct array of melodic metal strands into its black/death blend, songs like “Internal Fire”, “Beyond the Horizon”, and “Black Dragon” keep the old flames burning, even as new kindling is placed on this seminal unit’s unholy blaze. Retaining shards of its majestic past while implementing wares of bands such as The Haunted and In Flames to its molten mix, REINKAOS documents a dormant band’s reacclimatized climb back to the top of the mountain with enough firepower present to warrant a strong metal, yet not classic, metal presentation.
- Mike SOS