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Bludgeon is a Chicago metal troupe that truly lives up to its name, as their 11-track offering is a smoldering mix of thrash, hardcore, and metalcore whose brutal riffs and ridiculously heavy drums found on "Infidel" and "Carnage Begins" are prominently displayed, potentially damaging, and perfectly recorded to sound as menacing as they do. While the band's sound is totally crushing, their tunes come out somewhat mechanical, a nuance which undermines this release's overall oppressiveness and leaves the band with lapses of intrigue in songs like "Consumed" and "Out of Reach". Pound for pound, these guys slay, but don't expect any groundbreaking stuff on WORLD CONTROLLED sans a strong mix of Downset, Pantera, and Fear Factory taking you down for the count instead of the usual bevy of Hatebreed clone acts.
- Mike SOS