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Ska-punk concept album anyone? New Jersey's Catch 22 throws everyone a curveball with PERMANENT REVOLUTION, taking a very risky road and reaping major rewards for doing so. Based on the life of Marxist theorist Leon Trotsky (how's that for heady?), this horn-infested, fist pumping 11-track collection has a lot to offer to the adventurous type. While the outfit's cheeky cleverness is commendable and gives the band a much richer repertoire to draw from that hits everything from Elvis Costello to Less Than Jake, it lacks the typical sophomoric ska-punk energy that most ska fans crave. Thankfully, Catch 22 replaced those traits with flashes of musical wonderment like the old school island flavor of "Alma Ata" and bouncy imminence usually attached to Bad Religion on "On the Black Sea" and "Party Song", so that when their fans hit 21, they can pull this album out of their collection and still rock out to it.
- Mike SOS