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Cock rock with more pop sensibility and talent than anything that'd turn up on the Sunset Strip, the Toronto-based Crash Kelly have molded themselves after Thin Lizzy, Cheap Trick, and glam rock of the '70s and deliver a fun, yet slightly sterile 12-track release. ELECTRIC SATISFACTION is a huge sounding and easily digestible record, as the Beatles-esque "You're a Drag When You're High" and the STP big beat of "Ride the Wire" would sound best in a hockey arena sandwiched between Poison and Grand Funk Railroad. Produced by fellow rock connoisseur Gilby Clarke, this Canadian quartet's endeavor is a hook-happy, nothing but a good time feel rock record that somehow sounds as vintage as these dudes' stage clothes. Lighthearted yet rock solid, ELECTRIC SATISFACTION outshines its peers by outclassing them on tracks like "She Put the Shock" and "Cracked and Faded", expertly highlighting the group's steaming fretwork and bluesy leanings. Safe and sturdy, Crash Kelly plays the kind of rock anyone from 8 to 80 can get into.
- Mike SOS