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This Finnish outfit took 10 years to make this slab of depressive metal, so give 'em a pat on the back for staying despondent for that long. Black Crucifixion really covers all the dark corners of rock on this one, lifting from Celtic Frost, Opeth, Type O Negative, NIN, and a slew more, almost as if the band hung back in the shadows for a decade, taking notes on how to fuse it all together. And while some parts of this disc radiate a real "I did this in my basement" vibe, (which illicit a certain old school charm), other tracks like "Wrath Without Hate" rock out like Danzig versus Marilyn Manson with Entombed guest refereeing. Barren piano, sound effect usage rivaling any summer blockbuster, and all the mascara-dripping Goth-rock dramatic dynamics your fishnets can handle is all here, enough to please your little cousin that's into HIM and your high school buds that still crank out Hellhammer.
- Mike SOS