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Disparaging on its peers' choices, Sweden's Anata instead opt to hop on the artsy route to metallic bliss with sensational results on the 10-track THE CONDUCTOR'S DEPARTURE. Able to blend intricate guitar runs, pulverizing riffs, and advanced rhythmic patterns effortlessly while maintaining a slightly more ominous and less clinical aura, songs like the title cut hint at both prog metal posturing and evil death metal clubbing without either fully taking charge. With obvious influence from bands like Gojira and Death as well as a slew of other notable acts whose metal dually contains brainwaves and behemoth riffs, tracks like "Better Grieved Than Fooled" churn out jazzy technicality with an urgent sense of masterful musicianship steering the ship. If you're bored and need a surge of creative metal to awaken and enlighten, this CD may do the deed.
- Mike SOS