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Queens of the Stone Age meets the '60s-era Stones with a Goth rock feel? Pretty weird, eh? Not if you're the quartet Darker My Love, a band that manages to make Beach Boys melodies on tracks like "Fall" sound as dark as The Cure, yet give it a psychedelic Brit-rock vibe. There are 12 tracks on this self-titled disc which rock with hanging notes that go on forever on "Helium Heels" and swirls of heavy, fuzzy drug rock like "Hello Traveler" that will help you get your Jesus and Mary Chain versus My Bloody Valentine swerve on. Radiating a realistic and convincing hard rock feel through all the guitar feedback and headtrips, this disc rocks by taking ample elements from both the Manchester and Seattle rock scenes and piecing together a stirring surge of psychedelic rock that Velvet Underground and Kyuss fans alike will admire.
- Mike SOS