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Unsanitized for your approval, the lewd, crude, and totally rockin' Dirty RIg unapologetically bring you ROCK DID IT, a raucous rock 'n roll rollercoaster ride that sizzles with Sunset Strip sleaze sans the stupidity. Led by ex-Warrior Soul frontman Kory Clarke, this NYC-based quartet combines the Black Label Society grit with AC/DC-esque ass-shaking swagger, developing a leave your brains at the door and bring your beer to the dancefloor style on tracks like "Just a Star" and "Dogs". Merging a prevalent punk rock attitude that fuels in your face cuts like "Suck It" with bluesy Zep meets Aerosmith gone hair metal riff fests like "Rock Did It" with touches of Clarke's ex-outfit's driving psychedelic rock on "Cities, Scenes & Thieves", Dirty Rig delivers an honest, ass kicking heavy rock 'n roll album that solidly attempts the daunting task of bringing the danger back to rock.
- Mike SOS