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Hardcore by way of nu-metal, the much maligned Massachusetts crew Bury Your Dead continues to gain momentum, as spots on the Family Values trek and their new 11-track disc BEAUTY AND THE BREAKDOWN suggest. This time around, it’s all about the nursery rhymes, not Tom Cruise flicks as the song titles attached to these electronica-induced chugga-chugga industrially heavy cacophonies, as tracks like “House of Straw”, “Mirror, Mirror”, and “House of Brick” actually mimic the aggro assault and technical prowess of Korn, if the freaks on a leash decided to garnish more street cred and hardcore it up, that is. The band has declared itself numerous times as a fun unit that would rather be goofy that gritty, and their slick replication of Fear Factory’s battering coupled with the aesthetic to wreak havoc like the decadent the hair metal era has captured the attention span of the new crop of kids. Perhaps the kids are on to something? Or is it because this disc is one gigantic 34-minute breakdown broken down into 11 songs? You decide.
- Mike SOS